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Parents as Teachers- FWISD Partners with ICTC

By: Alyssa Clader, Development and Business Manager with insight from Juan Daniel Garcia, Supervisor Parents as Teachers and ICTC Education Chair

Parenting is hard work! How do you help your children learn, grow, and develop to realize their full potential? Parents as Teachers, a FWISD program, has the tools to equip you. Parents as Teachers help parents understand child development and connects them to the resources needed to make the best choise for each family. Best of all, it's a completely FREE program!

Juan "Danny" Garcia is the supervisor of Parents as Teachers and serves as the Education Committee Chair for ICTC. When asked why the partnership between ICTC and Parents as Teachers is so important, he stated "What makes our partnership so important is the fact that our families are in need of immunization information not just for the children that are in our program but also the older children that could need their immunizations. Also knowing sooner when Immunizations events are taking place helps our Social Workers inform our parents that are in need when and where immunizations are taking place."

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