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Founding Member of ICTC Continues to Support Immunization Efforts

By: Courtney Barnard, ICTC Member-at-Large, Program Manager, Community Health, The Center for Children's Health led by Cook Children's

The Center for Children’s Health led by Cook Children’s is a proud long-time supporter and founding member of the ICTC. Our goal at the Center is to create aligned collaborations that help make North Texas one of the healthiest place to raise a child. Recognizing that no one organization can make this happen alone, Cook Children's and The Center for Children's Health are working with other like-minded organizations, like ICTC, to help keep kids healthy and safe. Staff at the Center enjoy participating in ICTC in many ways, including: • Promoting and volunteering at back-to-school immunization events • Surveying families at these events to assess satisfaction and understand what families need • Sharing children’s health data (see our CCHAPS data here) to help ICTC plan future efforts • Learning about new resources and education about immunizations to share with the families we serve at the Center We look forward to continuing our partnership with ICTC as we work together to improve the health of every child in our region! picture: Courtney Barnard, Member-at-Large, volunteering at an August Back-to-School Immunization Event


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