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Get Your Flu Shot BEFORE Flu Season

October is known for pumpkin spice lattes, football, Halloween and...flu shots?!

That's right! If you haven't already received your flu shot, do so now to protect yourself during flu season! Tarrant County has an abundance of locations to help protect you against flu season!

  • Call your child's health care provider to see if they are offering flu clinics.

  • Tarrant County Public Health clinics are available throughout the county.

  • Local pharmacies have the flu vaccine in stock and sometimes offer giftcards with a flu shot.

Have you heard someone say, "The flu shot gives you the flu!" or "Do I really need the flu shot?" There are several misconceptions about the flu vaccine. Thankfully, the CDC tackles these questions and more!

So while you are rooting on your favorite football team or taking your kids to the pumpkin patch, remember to stop and get your family vaccinated!

Photo courtesy of Alisa Anton from Unsplash


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